Did you know?

Recent studies show that Hyperbarics Oxygen Therapy proves to be an effective, non-invasive, anti-aging treatment.

Look and feel younger without having any procedures or surgeries! Research and studies that have been done shows that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy can positively affect the aging of blood cells which can provide many health benefits.  Hyperbaric oxygen treatments can help stimulate the growth of collagen which can be beneficial for the repair of your skin and help smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.  HBOT not only may help you look younger, it can also help you feel younger by providing your muscles, joints, bones, and nerves with more oxygen and improving circulation. 


What people are saying about HBOT Anti-Aging Treatments at Swanson Hyperbarics

Swanson Hyberbarics HBOT + Anti-Aging Journey

To help showcase the many anti-aging benefits of Hyperbarics Oxygen Treatments, Swanson Hyperbarics is having two patients undergo 40 HBOT treatments (also referred to as dives). We will be posting their before photos and  updating their progress halfway throuth and after the full 40 dives.

Before After
Patient #1

Meet Mike

Age: 63

What Mike had to say before the treatments:

"I am looking forward to the positive impacts to my overall health.  From anti-aging to my sleep for starters, I want the benefits that others are enjoying!"

After Data:
Mike improved his biological age, based on telomere length, by up to 15 years!  Find the details on our blog post!

What Mike had to say after the treatments:

     "The results are in and they're very positive! I wasn't expecting to see this good of a result!"

Before After
Patient #2

Meet Kari

Age: 62

What Kari had to say before the treatments:

"I really didn't knkow much about HBOT.  After researching, I realized that it was something I not only could benefit from, but is also aligned with my health goals.  I'm excited to begin and can't wait to share my experience!"

After Data:
Like Mike, Kari also improved her biological age, based on telomere length but as much as 15 years!  See their detailed results on our blog!

What Kari had to say after the treatments:

  "The benefits are everything from better sleep, more energy.  I have less inflammation!"