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What is PEMF Therapy and How Can it Help?

Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields, or PEMF can be a very beneficial therapy for a lot or people. But what is PEMF therapy and how can it help? We’ll look into those questions in depth and help you make decisions regarding your health. PEMF is an increasingly popular natural healing option that uses pulsed electromagnetic fields to […]
Final Results

Anti-Aging Journey Results!

The results are in and our anti-aging journey is finally complete for Mike and Kari! The two have taken part in following a study done in Israel in 2020. The study measures age markers, specifically telomere length, in subjects before and after a number of hyperbaric oxygen sessions. You can find more on telomeres and their […]
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The Link between Covid and Brain Fog?

Covid-19 has been around for three years, but we’re still learning more about the virus every day. Now new research is helping understand a symptom, brain fog, that a number of people experience during and after the virus. About 15 percent of people suffer from long-term effects of the virus. Brain fog is just one […]

Get a First-Hand Look at what Daily Hyperbaric Dives are Like

Our Anti-Aging Journey is drawing to a close and we’re excited to see the results! If you’re not familiar yet we have two individuals, Mike and Kari, going through this anti-aging hyperbaric oxygen protocol. The protocol calls for 40 hyperbaric oxygen dives. Both individuals have finished the protocol, now we just wait for the return […]

What exactly is the HOCATT?

You’ve probably heard about the HOCATT or read about it on our website. But it’s hard to fully grasp what it is and what it can do in just a single page. This space allows for a more in-depth description of how the HOCATT works and the many benefits it provides. First, it’s important to […]
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Does Hyperbarics Affect Telomeres and Aging?

At Swanson Hyperbarics, we are in the middle of an exciting anti-aging campaign with two different subjects. The campaign follows the study done in Israel in 2020, that measures age markers in subjects before and after a number of hyperbaric oxygen sessions, or dives. Hyperbarics can affect telomeres, a long-known marker of aging. Before we […]

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