What is PEMF Therapy and How Can it Help?

Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields, or PEMF can be a very beneficial therapy for a lot or people.  But what is PEMF therapy and how can it help?  We’ll look into those questions in depth and help you make decisions regarding your health.

PEMF is an increasingly popular natural healing option that uses pulsed electromagnetic fields to stimulate the body on a cellular level.  This is done with the patient laying on a mat, and another mat placed over the top of them.

Receiving PEMF therapy.
The mats attach to machines that produce the electromagnetic fields.  The therapy will direct small amounts of energy toward target areas of your body.  For example, if you come in with a specific area of inflammation, when the machine is turned on, you feel small pulses throughout the body, but they become stronger and more focused around the inflamed area.
Our bodies are electromagnetic.  Our brains use electromagnetic signals to communicate with systems throughout the body.  The idea behind PEMF is that helping support your cells with enough electrical charge will make them better equipped to repair and recover.
PEMF is often connected to grounding, or earthing.  What is grounding?  This is when your skin comes in contact with the earth, usually by walking barefoot on grass, sand or dirt.  Our bodies have ‘free radicals’, which are atoms whose outer shell of electrons is not full.  These atoms may bond with  other atoms, using the electrons to complete its outer shell.  These are free radicals and they can cause a range of problems like inflammation, heart issues and much more.  Since the earth, like our bodies, is has an electromagnetic field, connecting with it by grounding, can help the body absorb free electrons, reducing free radicals.
Since walking barefoot is not an option for many months of the year because of weather, PEMF therapy can be a great option.  Pulsed electromagnetic fields can mimic the frequency, at a comfortable level, and give you the same benefits of grounding.
PEMF has been approved by the FDA for issues like Anxiety and Depression, non-union fractures and bladder issues.  The therapy can also help relieve chronic and injury related pain, help heal damaged tissues and even stimulate organs.
PEMF therapy directs treatment to certain areas with devices like the ring below.  This can direct treatment to a specific are in need of attention.
PEMF concentrating on knee.How long does it take for PEMF therapy to work?  Each session lasts just 12 minutes.  You may feel some results after your first session.  But you will typically need more sessions to get lasting benefits.  Your provider will help you with a plan for your specific issue.  They will help determine how PEMF can be an important part of your wellness journey!